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Social Integration

Youth Group

TOUCH Silent Club believes every Deaf youth has the potential to be an integrated and contributing member of the society. 
iExcel is a TOUCH Silent Club youth development initiative to enhance integration, develop character and build capacity through sports and enriching activities.  It reaches out to Deaf aged 12 to 35 years old.

Active Seniors Group

Active Seniors Group (ASG) is an initiative by TOUCH Silent Club to
  • strengthen Deaf seniors’ abilities  through skills-training workshops
  • create opportunities for Deaf seniors to meet and build their friendship through social events and outings

It reaches out to Deaf aged 45 years and above.

Social & Recreational Events

TOUCH Silent Club organises social and recreational events like Member Bash and Christmas event to create opportunities for Deaf to meet and make friends with one another. This is open to Deaf of all ages and their families.

Mentoring Programme - including Tuition Programme

TOUCH Silent Club Mentoring programme aims to guide Deaf students in their studies, develop positive mindset, relevant life skills and resilience for contribution to and integration in society.

Mentors will be matched to individual students. Programme includes academic support and character development through tuition and enrichment activities. Tuition programme is conducted on every Saturdays, 10.30am to 1pm. This is open to Deaf (aged 7 to 23 years old) in primary and secondary schools, ITE and polytechnics.